About us

Find a bit more about who we are and what we do

The company

Established in 1997 and located in Battersea, London, Audio Visual Systems Ltd is involved in a range of commercial and residential technical activities including commercial and residential audio visual, lighting control, TV signal reception and distribution, system repairs and reprogramming as well as many bespoke projects. Essentially, if it lights up, moves or makes a noise, we’ll supply it, install it, programme it or repair it wherever it may be and if it doesn’t exist, we’ll even build it for you. Our people are an eclectic mix of the most talented individuals who love what they do and are trained to within an inch of their lives. They’re enthusiasm is infective, they love a challenge and they‘re waiting for the chance to help you with your query. So, for some sound, free and informal advice, just pick up the phone or drop us an email today.

Our team

Tony Flynn

Managing Director

Whilst still at college in the late 70’s, Tony entered the pro audio visual trade via the nightclub business, studying by day and DJing by night. When it became apparent that nobody was maintaining the light and sound systems that the club relied on, he rose to the challenge and thus began a 12 year career of designing, building and operating commercial light and sound systems. In 1989 he moved into the fledging cable tv industry and an 8 year stint in London with the world’s first interactive optical fibre television network ensued. As an innate technical problem solver, Tony looked after the requirements of the residential and commercial client base within the city of Westminster until leaving in 1997 to set up his first company. After buying out his original business partners, Audio Visual Systems Ltd was born and has been helping people with technology ever since..

Aaron McRae

Technical Director

A most varied career starting in retail electronic sales, an electronics technician, a part time college lecturer, an analyst/programmer, a live events staging technician. Aaron has been with the company for 8 years and as Director of technical services he oversees our current and future engineering direction.

Sebastien Pires

System Designer

Fluent in several languages and with a qualification in electrical and electronic engineering, Sebastien gained experience through the hospitality industry and then the city building advanced secure data networks both wired and wireless. Nowadays, he’s an av system design specialist with a passion for control systems, cooking and off road motorcycling