Technology, master or servant? We redress the balance in the relationship. For two decades now we’ve been at the forefront of simplifying and demystifying technology with a combination of good old common sense and a passion for plain English. Initial consultation is free, informal and refreshingly jargon free.


Technology is a tool in the workplace, a supporting act leaving you to shine with your presentation again and again and again.

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Why replace when you can repair? Some of the systems we see are well specified but generally poorly programmed or basic maintenance has been neglected.

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A principle part of our role is to strip away the layers of acronyms and buzzwords to allow you the clarity of vision to make the best decision on the technology for your project.

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KNX / EIB is possibly the largest control system that most people have never heard of.

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Arguably this is the company that invented the modern control system and then went on to make the sector its own.

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The generic name for lighting control since the 1950’s, Lutron does so much more than just dimming the lights.

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We have the proven cure for jetlag. Seriously! Finally, a powerful, robust and yet user friendly video conferencing solution that’s as easy to use as your mobile phone and won’t break the bank.

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